We understand that equestrian sizing is all over the map. That’s why we provide helpful tips to find just the right size fit your tack and apparel. That being said, we are more than happy to provide exact measurements on any of our items. Simply email us at contact@thetackhack.com and we’ll do our best to get you those measurements ASAP.


We want to make sure your horse stays warm and dry, but making sure the blanket fits properly is key to avoiding blanket rubs. It’s not rocket science, we promise. Grab your tape measure and measure the distance from the center of your horse’s chest, across the point of the shoulder, and back up to the center of the tail. Pro tip: grab a friend to hold the tape measure at the center of your horse’s chest.

Many blankets are sized incrementally; we always recommend going a size up if your horse is between sizes.

The TackHack’s Guide to Breaking in Boots

Boots & Half Chaps


Off-the-shelf stock boots are semi-custom in that they include three separate measurements: foot, height, and calf. Complicating matters is the fact that each boot and half-chap brand’s sizing varies dramatically. We’ve done our best to help you find your size by standardizing foot and calf sizes across brands. Boots on our site can be filtered by US shoe size and calf width (extra slim, slim, medium, and full). Calf and height measurements have been converted to inches for your convenience.

Looking for a particular size in a particular brand? You’ll find brand-specific sizing under each product listing as well. Product listings also include brand-specific size charts for your reference.

Sizing for Boots and Chaps

While you may know your shoe size, we’re guessing you might not know your calf and height measurements. Fear not! Measuring at home is easy. Simply grab a soft measuring tape and pull on your riding breeches and boot socks. Measure yourself without shoes while sitting with your feet squarely on the floor. For height, measure from the center of the back of your knee to the floor and add 1.5” to account for dropping. For calf, measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf. Pro tip: measure both calves and use the measurement of the fuller calf.


Calf: Modern riders crave that custom, “painted-on” look when it comes to tall boots. Achieving that fit means that the calf on your new boots or half chaps will be snug. And by snug, we mean really snug. As in, you-might-need-a-friend-to-zip-you-into-your-new-boots snug. Check our some tips on our blog to make the process of breaking your new boots bearable.

Height: New boots and half chaps should come up to the back of your knee. They’ll drop up to an inch, so it’s important not to buy them too short.


Gloves Size

Wouldn’t you think that gloves are measured lengthwise? Not so! For a proper glove measurement, measure across the top of your knuckles from pinky to pointer finger, and then double it.


The helmets sold on our site are brand new and in their original packaging. We do not and will not sell helmets unless they come directly from retailers or brands.

Helmets are the single most important piece of riding equipment, and its important to get the fit right. Unless you’re certain of your size in a particular brand, we advise shopping with your local independent tack retailer so that you can try on a variety of brands and sizes with expert guidance. That being said, the following is a guide for obtaining your helmet measurements.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the widest part of your head. We recommend starting with the tape positioned 1” above your brow. The tape should be snug; remember that the lining of your helmet will break down slightly over time, which means your helmet may slightly fit looser after six months of use than it will when you first wear it. If you have long hair, we advise doing this with your hair netted and pinned in place to ensure you get the proper measurement. Compare your measurement to the chart below:

HEAD size (IN) Hat SIZE
18 6
18 ½ 6 ⅛
19 6 ¼
19 ½ 6 ⅜
20 6 ½
20 ½ 6 ⅝
21 6 ¾
21 ½ 6 ⅞
22 7
HEAD size (IN) Hat SIZE
22 ½ 7 ⅛
23 7 ¼
23 ½ 7 ⅜
24 7 ½
24 ½ 7 ⅝
25 7 ¾
25 ½ 7 ⅞
26 8

ASTM F-1163-01 AND 04a/SEI Certified Helmets

Helmet Notice, Disclaimer, and Warning

Equestrian sports are inherently dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. Riders using these products ride at their own risk with full knowledge of the hazards and risks associated with their activities. Helmets are designed for equestrian use only. Helmets cannot offer complete protection from injury or death to riders in case of fall, collision, impact, loss of control or otherwise. Helmets cannot protect areas of the head that are not covered. Helmets offer no protection against injuries involving forces other than impact.

CAUTION: Helmets must fit well and all retention straps must be securely fastened. Helmets are constructed so that the energy of an impact may be absorbed through partial destruction of the helmet. Helmets that suffer an impact should be destroyed and replaced. The protective qualities of helmets may be compromised by prior impact, age, use and many common substances. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying cleaning agents, paints, or adhesives. The TackHack expressly disclaims any responsibility for injuries or death incurred while wearing any of the helmets offered for sale. Representations regarding testing results, equipment ratings, product specifications, ASTM and/or SEI standards, and the adequacy of all such standards and designations are made solely by the product’s manufacturer.

The TackHack does not warrant or confirm the representations of the manufacturers. The TackHack makes no representations express or implied regarding the fitness of these products for any particular purpose nor the extent to which the products protect riders from injury or death. By purchasing any of the helmets offered for sale and using it in an equestrian sport, the purchaser AGREES FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY TO ASSUME ALL RISKS RELATED TO EQUESTRIAN SPORTS, including the risk of personal injury, damage, death or property damage. Further, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the purchaser does release The TackHack from any and all responsibility or legal liability related to purchaser’s participation in equestrian activities.