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From quality TackHack branded items to discounted closeouts from your favorite premium brands, we're the sport you love for less.

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Welcome To The TackHack

The TackHack helps the modern equestrian save hay on quality tack and apparel.

We offer discounted closeouts from top English riding brands like Cavalleria Toscana and Vestrum.

Riders can also shop quality TackHack-branded items like our best-selling Equitation Tech tops, Hunter Bridle, and donut sponges.

The TackHack Equitation Tech Tops

Shop a rainbow of schooling tops at less than $40.

Donut Sponge Banner Image

The TackHack Donut Tack Sponges

Clean your tack, make it fun.

Buttery American leather that oils like a dream.

The TackHack Hunter Bridle with Reins

Includes bridle, reins, and a TackHack bridle bag for $334.95.

Luxury fabric and craftsmanship for less.

The TackHack Women's Track & Pace Breech

A sporty and refined breech for the modern rider at $159.95.

Best Seller: Equitation Tech Schooling Top

Your Favorite Schooling Top For less

At just $39.95, you'll want a different color for each ride of the week.

The TackHack Donut Tack Sponges

Clean tack just got cuter

$13.95 for half a dozen.

Buttery leather and classic elegance.

The Stewart Padded Leather Halter

At $135, we made a premium padded halter that lasts-- without padding the price.

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The TackHack Blog

Straight from the horse's mouth.