What is The TackHack

The TackHack is your source for premium equestrian brands at discounted prices. The vast majority of our inventory is brand new and offered at up to 80% off of retail. We also sell a tightly edited selection of "prix-loved" items that have been screened by us for quality. 


Where do you source your new merchandise?

We work with independent retailers and brands to help move their overstock. We only sell high-quality items and do not accept “lemons.”

How do you label the condition of your “prix-loved” items?

We operate a bit like resale bouncers; we run a tough door to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of the used items they purchase. Our prix-loved items are appraised as like-new, excellent, very good, and good:

  • Like-New: the item doesn’t have a tag, but is in such pristine condition that we’re pretty sure it has never been worn
  • Excellent: the item does not have any visible defects or fabric fading
  • Very Good: these items are show ring ready
  • Good: ideal for schooling

How does sizing work?

Equestrian sizing is all over the map! To address this, we've standardized sizes for filtering purposes. Individual product pages will have the manufacturer's sizing, however if you shop by filter, you'll be shown jackets across brands that correspond to your selected size. We're also more than happy to provide exact measurements on any of our items. Simply email us at contact@thetackhack.com and we’ll do our best to get you those measurements ASAP.

Do you offer saddle trials?

We offer 7-day trials on all of our saddles. Saddles must be returned in the condition they were sent, and we ask that our saddle shoppers refrain from riding in the rain during their trial. We do not offer free returns on saddles. We are happy to work with customers to answer any questions in advance of purchase in order to ensure it is an appropriate fit. 


How do I consign with you?

Our free kits make consigning your premium equestrian apparel and saddles a snap. To get started, browse our accepted item, brand and condition guidelines. Then simply complete a kit request form on our consignment page and receive everything you'll need to pack your items and ship them back to us for free. 

What items do you accept?

Accepted Apparel Categories: At this time we only accept the following apparel items:

  • Washable hunt coats and shads;
  • Breeches and jods;
  • Schooling tops;
  • Other items that are new with their original tags.

Accepted Apparel Brands: At this time, we accept apparel items from the following brands:

  • Alessandro Albanese
  • Animo
  • Asmar Equestrian
  • Cavalleria Toscana
  • Charles Ancona
  • Equiline
  • Pikeur
  • Tailored Sportsman
  • RJ Classics
  • Samshield
  • Struck
  • Vestrum
  • Apparel from other brands that are new with original tags.

Saddles & Bridles: Saddles and bridles must be in excellent condition and must have been manufactured within the past ten years. In addition, we only accept jumping and dressage saddles from the following brands: 

  • Amerigo
  • Antares
  • Bruno Delgrange
  • Butet
  • Childeric
  • County
  • Custom Saddlery
  • CWD
  • Devoucoux
  • Hennig
  • Hermes
  • PJ
  • PS of Sweden 
  • Selleria Equipe
  • Tad Coffin
  • Voltaire

Condition Guidelines: We do not accept items that are stained, dingy, ripped, torn, or missing components. 

What happens if my items are rejected?

Unaccepted items will either be returned to the consignor at his or her expense, or donated. We are delighted to partner with The Rider’s Closet for our donations. Doners will receive a receipt from The Rider’s Closet once goods are processed.

How do you price consignment items?

  • Saddles: Saddles are priced using the same standard pre-owned saddle pricing that brand reps use. We determine what a current demo version of your saddle would sell for on the market today, and deduct a set amount per year to arrive at a baseline. We then adjust up or down based on condition. We also encourage our saddle consignors to reach out regarding downward price adjustments.
  • Apparel/Other Tack: Brand and condition are the largest determinants of pricing for our “prix-loved” items. Standard practice for pricing used items is to deduct 50% to 70% off of the full retail value and adjust up or down depending on brand demand and condition.

Will my items be put on sale?

The lovely thing about consignment is that we are strategically aligned to maximize the sale price for each item! That being said, in an effort to sell your items, we do retain the right to run site-wide promotions on all items except for saddles. Items that are not “moving” will be reduced in price to attract buyers.

When do I get paid?

Payment is issued via check once per month for that previous month’s sales. We offer our shoppers a 14-day return period, so we must ensure the return period has passed before we can issue payment.

Do you offer international consignment?

We only offer consignment services for our US customers at this time.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

What is your shipping policy?

We offer weight-based shipping to customers in the US and Canada.

We ship items via 2-day USPS priority. Our saddles ship insured.

Do you offer international shipping?

We currently offer weight-based shipping to Canada.

How is shipping calculated?

We calculate shipping based on the item’s weight, the package dimension, and your shipping destination.

What is your return policy?

Customers may request a return within 14 days of receipt. Saddles must be returned within 7 days of receipt. 

We offer free returns, however tall boots and saddles are excluded from free returns.

The cost of return shipping will be deducted from customers' refund balance on tall boot and saddle returns.

We do not offer free returns on international orders.

To request a return, simply complete the return form found on our return page.