We get it; riding is expensive. The TackHack is on a mission to fuel your passion for horses by offering your favorite equestrian brands at discounted prices.

Shop your favorite English tack and riding apparel brands at prices that fit your budget. Ninety percent of our inventory is brand new. The other ten percent is a tightly-edited selection of pre-owned items sourced from riders across the country.

Interested in making some cash to stretch your riding budget even further? Our saddle consignment program makes it super easy for riders to sell their saddle and make hay.


Our industry wouldn’t be the same without our independent tack shops and mobile retailers. Many are having a hard time competing in this new retail landscape. We work with these retailers to help them move their overstock, effectively allowing our riders to access sale racks from across the country.


150 billion garments are produced each year. Of that, approximately 30% never get sold — and much of that is ultimately destroyed. Meanwhile, many of the products that are sold either end up sitting unused (waste) or tossed into the garbage (double waste). We’re committed to doing our part to reduce retail waste by (1) showcasing overstock that would otherwise languish on a shelf to new audiences; and (2) extending the life cycle of secondhand garments — whether on our site or as a donation to The Rider’s Closet, our philanthropic partner. In terms of packaging, we use compostable mailers when possible and designed our SaddleShip kit with reusable, recyclable components that minimize packaging waste.


The TackHack was founded in 2018 by Lauren Garvey, a former litigator, Michigan MBA, and lifelong equestrian who understands firsthand just how expensive it is to participate in our sport. The team is based in fabulous Austin, TX.