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New to The TackHack? This post is for you!

If you're here, you likely already know what we're all about: helping discerning riders stretch their barn budgets by offering premium equestrian products at discounted prices. 

But there are also some helpful tips and tricks for shopping the site that will help you maximize your TackHack experience...and your hard-earned dollars! So without further ado, here is a list of "hacks" for getting the most out of your TackHack experience.


The "New Arrivals" Page is the Place to Be

We regularly upload fresh product to the site, and the New Arrivals page is the best place to start browsing. Why? As an overstock business, we sometimes only receive a single unit of a particular item. (Case in point, the stunning brand new Butet bridle we recently received that sold out in a day.) Our regular TackHackers scan the New Arrivals page regularly so they can snap up those single-unit gems before anyone else does! 


Horse Bit Key Chains



Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

As an overstock carrier, we can never guarantee that we'll ever get a particular item in stock again. This is why we can't offer exchanges; if we have a full size run today, changes are we won't have it tomorrow, which makes exchanges next to impossible. If you're unsure of your size, we're happy to offer measurements, we also recommend snapping up existing size options and taking advantage of our free return program if you're deciding between two options.


Horse Parts Decoration Item



Hit Those Filters

Sometimes we get replenished stock for existing product listings. Those restocked sizes and colors won't appear on the New Arrivals page, but they will get reflected in the size and color filters. So we recommend hitting those filters occasionally. 


Horse Riding Gloves Decoration



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We don't spam, we promise! Our weekly email is the best way to stay updated on highlights from our latest arrivals. Plus, our email subscribers always get advanced access to any sales or promotions that we run on the site. 

With these tips, you're officially set to shop the best deals on the best riding brands the internet has to offer. Happy browsing and #keepriding!

(Still have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ page for answers to our customers' most common inquires. Also feel free to shoot us an email at!)

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