Tucci Harley Mini Chaps (Previous Generation)

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The same gorgeous design and premium calfskin as the current generation Harley half chap, but without the tennis raquet-esque carrying case that the newer Harley half chaps come with. What does that mean for you? Brand new Tucci Harley half chaps at an ever better discount. (Who needs a carrying case anyways?)

****Sizes are determined by body height and calf measurements, which we have added below for your convenience for the sizes we have in stock: 

  • M+: fits riders 5'6" - 5'10" with a 13.5" - 14.5" calf circumference
  • M++: fits riders 5'10" - 6'2" with a 13.5" - 14.5" calf circumference
  • L+fits riders 5'6" - 5'10" tall with a 14.5" - 16" calf circumference