GPA Speed Air 4S Redline, 6 7/8

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Straight from one of our retail partners, this GPA Speed Air 4S Redline helmet from GPA offers increased levels of shock absorption.  The helmet features four levels of protection (hence 4S), broken down below:

1S Outer shell designed to absorb the first round of shocks, It is made of absorbed polymer adapted to be deformed on impact. 

2S The interface, in case of a crash, is designed to absorb impact energy in order to reduce it.

3S The fiberglass-reinforced shell provides both rigidity and protection.  The shock has already been dampened after passing through this level. 

4S The is the SPE foam liner that finishes decelerating the shock by crashing under the pressure of the impact, protecting the skull and minimizing the risk of cranial lesions.    

Additional features include: 

  • The shaped visor reduces the risk of fractures of the nose. Interchangeable.
  • Speed Air Ventilation in both the front and back allow air flow within and between the two hulls.
  • Leather chin strap
  • Anatomical leather jugular secured by 4 riveted fixing points. Ensures a perfect fit for the helmet in any circumstance. Contour of the interior EPS in Red leather for comfort, aesthetics and durability.
  • Interchangeable and adjustable comfort foam interior padding. The different thicknesses available allow the helmet to perfectly fit all body types. Antibacterial and breathable sanitized treatment and Coolmax material. Machine washable.
  • VG1 01.040 2014-12, SEI/ASTM F1163-15

Size:  just one in a size 6 7/8.