The Fit Equestrian Shares Free Exercises for Staying in Riding Shape at Home

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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Mahr and I am the owner + founder of The Fit Equestrian.


We specialize in creating fitness and nutrition programs for equestrian athletes. I've partnered with The Tack Hack to bring you 4 of my favorite equipment free exercises that you can do at home right now!


Although this break from showing and/or riding for many of us has come as a disappointment, it's important to stay optimistic and find the positives in an unfortunate situation. I've personally found that improving my fitness and keeping a regular workout schedule has helped me stay motivated and positive about the future. It's also helped me stay in riding shape until I can get to the barn again!


Here are 4 completely free bodyweight exercises great for equestrians looking to stay in shape. To create a full workout out of these exercises, simply complete 10 reps of each about 3-4 times, with rest in between. You can also complete 10 reps of exercises 1-4 back to back, rest, and repeat 3-4 times)


  1. Plank Hip Dips


Begin in plank position with your hands and toes firmly planted on the ground and core engaged. Begin by dipping your right hips down so they tap the mat, while keeping your chest up and arms on the ground. Repeat to the other side.


Hip Dips

2. Commandos:

Begin in push up position. One arm at a time, drop down to plank position with your forearms on the ground. Return to the original push up position and repeat. Keep your core engaged throughout the entire movement



3. V Crunches:


Use your core to balance on your seat bones, creating a V shape with your torso and thighs. Slowly unfold your body, never letting your toes or shoulders touch the floor. You may rest your hands lightly behind your hips if you are unable to balance in this position.


V Crunches

4. Curtsey Lunges:


The photo here shows this exercise being done with a weight, but it can easily be left out to make this a bodyweight exercise! If you have a weight (or any object around the house really) feel free to grab it. Lunge your left leg diagonally behind you, keeping your weight in your front heel. Repeat on the other side.


Curtsey Lunges

About Lauren: Lauren founded The Fit Equestrian while she was in college at the University of Delaware where she majored in Applied Nutrition. She is a certified NASM personal trainer and is passionate about designing fitness and nutrition programs for equestrians looking to stay in riding shape. The Fit Equestrian offers nutrition programs, fitness counseling, and workout plans for riders of all ages. The team also sells fun merch, including their popular "Trust Me. It's a Sport" tee! You can follow them on social at. @TheFit.Equestrian

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